What “Tea Party”?

Time for someone to clarify something that  ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN have created in their own tiny little puffed up minds, that being this mythical creature they have named “The Tea Party”. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows “The Tea Party” is, like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster, a product of fantasy based very loosely on small particles of reality.  Kind of like progressive intelligence.

There is a war on constitutionalism right now. The war is being waged by Barry and all of his little lemmings in congress, along with his ministers of propaganda at the various news outlets. The goal is to upend The United States and the only way to do that with any certainty is to abolish, by any means, the Constitution of the United States. So, it stands to reason, a la Saul Alinsky, that in order to do away with the supreme land of the land, its supporters must be abolished as well. That is the mission of the progressive left.

The left depends on a couple of thing in its struggle. One, it depends on half of the population being jacked up on federal money, which has been done. Then, all Barry needs to do is threaten to withdraw that money here and there, and he can control the actions of 100,000,000 people at least. Second, the left depends on the laziness of the dependent and this is where the media comes in. As long as the EBT crowd is hypnotized by their 60 inch widescreens and Barry-phones, they will believe ANYTHING the media spoons into the space that was once occupied by a brain. And we’re saying ANYTHING!

Barry needs an enemy to wage his war on America. So, he had his media wing develop a campaign against a fictitious entity called “The Tea Party”. Then it was easy to take any person who supports the Constitution or opposes Barry  and call them part of “The Tea Party”.

But then you have the Conservative Collective, who happens to use the brains that God gave us. We defy anyone to identify a political party named “The Tea Party”. To be sure, there are politically motivated GROUPS that identify themselves as “tea party patriots”, but if a lazy person were to simply listen to and believe the media, there is a third political party in America.

But the media lies 24/7 and there isn’t any “TEA PARTY”. What does exist, however, is large numbers of individuals that believe in the tenants of the Constitution, realize that Barry wants a new USSR and are not about to allow that to happen, even if it means blood. As it always happens, like-minded individuals will always find each other and ultimately, a movement is born. So it is with the “Tea Party” MOVEMENT and so it was when King George III was the boss.

America, do us all a favor and stop being stupid. If you don’t accept now that Barry can’t keep up his thievery forever and that you must shake off his “heroin” and become self-sufficient, the coming “re-adjustment” is really going to sting.