We get what we deserve!

Well, America…the Conservative Collective watched as your rights were stripped time after time and once again, you stood by by like pasture animals and did absolutely nothing.

You watched the President of the United States and the Senate Majority Leader abjectly REFUSE to work on your behalf and you did nothing. You are watching now as they consolidate more and more power for themselves, readying you for a time in the not too distant future where your jobs as citizens will simply be to OBEY, and nothing more.

You watched as media outlet after media outlet poured buckets full of lies into your heads. The shutdown was the Republicans fault, they said. It was the Republicans that were hurting America, the Democrats and Barry were just innocent bystanders being bullied by John Boehner. You fed on that crap for two weeks, and then you tucked your tails and ran.

You watched as mobs pillaged a Wal-Mart in Louisiana simply because the EBT system malfunctioned. The was no noise from you…there was no outrage…there was just talk over coffee the next morning that started something like…”you know what I’D do…” Well yes we do…America did nothing and evidently will do nothing. A lot of tweets that shot around talked about riots and one even said “a hungry enough man will KILL“. The Conservative Collective is very curious as to what cowering Americans and Americans that act like turkeys in a rainstorm will do when the EBT system fails for a month or more.

You watched aged veterans, men who had destroyed evil on multiple occasions, get bullied by Barry-bots at the National Park Service. They were targeted ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake and the NPS is useless a a government agency if all they’ve become is muscle for Barry against geriatric patients. Oh and by the way, you stood by did nothing, when there should have been 3 MILLION REAL AMERICANS on the mall.

You watched REAL traitors like Senator John McCain (the use of his name and that word together causes us much torment, but it must be done) and Senator Bob Corker as they sucked up to the progressive left and attacked real American patriots like Senator Ted Cruz as they tried to save the nation while YOU turned your backs on them and talked tough, but did NOTHING!

The Conservative Collective just figures that when Barry pulls cattle cars up to newly built sidings in every city and town and tells you to get in, you’ll do it just like the little sheep you are. In the end, all of your efforts to not take sides, to take the east way out, to hide and watch, to let the other guy make the sacrifices and to appease the progressives will fail.

You will be sucked into the inevitable whirlpool that’s about to come. You will have to choose a side, and then you WILL have to defend your choice.

We will get what we deserve, good or bad!