Enough bluff, time for some bluster!

Our government, the government of KIng Barry the First, is a rogue. Just like Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and so many others, the Barry Government feeds those who crawl into his cattlecars all the federal funds they can handle. You see, the one single thing that Barry has known all along is that stolen taxpayer dollars are actually BETTER than crack or heroin because not only does it create dependence, it also feeds into the “haves vs have nots” mindset. Rather than giving themselves power to live their lives as they want to by working, Barry forces the EBT folks to live like HE wants them to live. Barry has created a plantation, and they are his slaves. Think not? Check out the videos of what happens when the EBT process hiccups at place like Wal-Mart.

The money will end. Barry will use it all up or conservatives will take over, but one way or another, the money will go away in the not too distant future. When that happens, the withdrawl symptoms are going to be horrific. The recent Wal-Mart situation will seem like nothing in comparison.

What do we do? We impeach Barry. In 2014, we throw all of the Republicans and Democrats who hold them selves higher than the Constitution of the United States out of Congress. We round up those who are here illegally and send them back to where they came from. Oh really? We can’t? They have lives here now? They pay their way? Really? No one seems to have an issue with someone who committed a robbery or arson when they were 17 being found twenty years later living a quiet life, but being sent back to prison.

These are desperate times, times, people. And these time call for extraordinary actions to be taken. Hell, the NSA and law enforcement have no problem with extraordinary actions, do they? Nope. The NSA seems to believe that they can suck up everything anyone knows about you, only to use it against you politically or legally. Law enforcement has come to believe that any place that has their bootprint on it is their arena and that if you resist, they’re justified in putting a bullet in your head.

The Conservative Collective thinks the time has come for America to blow back in the wolf’s face.