Spreading the payola around!

Solyndra, around 500 Million granted by Barry to his friends…that’s right MILLION, and it failed. The Conservative Collective wants to know where the money went. You know…simple audit questions like “who received funds from the grant?” It should be simple for the most brilliant staff of people ever to breath air to show the American taxpayer, you know the folks who actually gave Solyndra the money, an audit report. Every member of the Conservative Collective has to perform the same task every April 15th and we all do it with ease. Barry and his staff of crack geniuses should be able to whip up a report before lunch.

Maybe Solyndra was too long ago and everybody in the White House has forgotten. If that’s the case, then we’d like to know where 630 million taxpayers dollars went (besides Canada) for the funding of the Obamacare website.

Many in the Conservative Collective are extremely web literate, and each of them is “dropped jaw” at what taxpayers have gotten for their money. Most say that they could have developed the same site in around a year for $500,000 and I believe them. So, let’ be kind and say that the Ocare website cost 10 million even.

Somebody else might say that Obama has spread around the 620 million dollar payola bucks to his political and personal friends, for them to enjoy. However, the Conservative Collective would NEVER say that!

Go down the list…GM…Chrysler…Fisker…Solyndra. There are many, many more and everybody at the White House just shrugs their political shoulders and says “…gee…I don’t know…the money was there just a second ago…”

The American taxpayer needs to demand the answer to THIS question…”Uhh…Yeah, but where the freak is the money NOW, Barry”? Cough up an audit or you’re fired! C’mon folks! This is the same group of pricks and pricketts who are coming for your retirement accounts!!! Think they won’t do it? Crap, man! They did it to Social Security and they’ll do it to you without flinching!

Wake up!