Cruz ain’t ‘fraida you!

Watching Senator Ted Cruz dissassemble Van Jones on CNN’s Crossfire showed plainly enough why the progressive left is trying so hard to discredit Senator Cruz.

Cruz ain’t afraid of nobody on the left…or for that matter, on the right. Ted Cruz is so very precisely correct in all of his positions, on every topic. But here’s what gives him a mighty sword to wield against the dark forces lined up against him; Ted Cruz’s positions are not really his alone. Nope. Cruz is simply fulfilling his promise to the good folks of Texas who sent him to Washington DC. He has brought the values of Texas with him into a den of snakes, and the snakes are very, very uncomfortable right now.

Ted Cruz is a good man in an arena filled to the brim with corrupt men and women. But he has the strength of his constituents for support, as well as the support of millions of Americans outside of Texas. What we have in common is the realization that the progressive left and right has quite a shiner right now, and it’s time to deliver a knockout.

Americans want the progressive agenda out of their lives. It’s become beyond obvious that the Obama-lama-ding-dong experiment cannot work here, just as it hasn’t worked anywhere else that it’s been tried. America is leaning back toward it’s conservative roots and has learned it’s lesson.

Ted Cruz and the rest of the “whipper-snappers” represent what America wants and needs. Obama and the GOP “old guard” have seen their best days and it’s time for them to just go away.