CPS/USA poll, Dems at fault by 75%

A new Conservative Poll Service poll due to be taken in November shows that fully 75% of the American electorate believe that President Barack Obama and the Senate Democrats are responsible for the shutdown of the government which has led to the closing of national parks and children being denied chemotherapy.

The newest poll also shows that President Obama’s true approval rating now hovers at 12% and that the approval rating for Senate Democrats is at an all time low of 4%. In a sample of 2,530,000 Americans considered most likely to vote in 2014, most respondents also said that they would approve by 80% to 9% (11% undecided) to cover every member of Congress with feathers, tie each of them to a rail, and put them all on a wagon headed to the Okeefenokee Swamp.

The newest CPS/USA poll data also has the Conservative Collective with an approval rating of 82%, and Senator Ted Cruz with an approval rating of 91% of all respondents indicating that they are happy to very happy with Senator Cruz’ handling of the current government situation.

Among potential voters aged 18 to 74, nearly all Independents (96%) and over half of Democrats (56%) said that they plan to “go red” in 2014.

Reality begins here…

Everyone needs to know how easy it is to create a poll. Polls are fiction, and polls supporting Barry and Senate Democrats these days absolutely fall under the heading of “propaganda”. Don’t fall for it.

Polls are crap, written by lemmings with marching orders. The NBC/WSJ poll out today that shows Republicans on the run because of the shutdown is pure scat and anyone who believes the drivel that ABC,CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN pours into their heads should have the word “STUPID” emblazoned on their foreheads with red ink.