Obama the used car guy

OK, so Barry wants to pass HIS clean Continuing Resolution that contains funding for everything he wants, and on top of that, Barry wants to raise the debt ceiling to HIS satisfaction without resistance from any Republican. Only THEN…will Barry negotiate.

WTF? What the hairy F? Truly? So… for you folks who don’t think this is important enough to get off your ObamaPhone or stop you from watching your 60″ Samsung while waiting for the rest of us to refill your EBT card, here’s the scoop.

What your Messiah wants to do is like going into a car dealership, picking a rusty 1963 Ford Falcon and driving away…without discussing the cost. The dealer takes your credit card and says, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll negotiate later…you just enjoy!” When your bill comes a month later, you find out that you paid TWO MILLION dollars for your Falcon!!!

That’s what Barry wants to do to you. If the Republicans don’t tell this little Stalin wanna-be to go suck an egg, there are plenty of Americans who will.