Mitch the Bitch

Some days ago, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tells all of the Republican Senators in a meeting that those of them who support pro-conservative groups like Freedomworks, are “traitors” to the GOP.  Another as yet un-named, but still mealy-mouthed Senator stands up and tells the same assembly that any senator that supports those pro-conservative groups are his “enemies”. This is the rift between the Old Guard and the Constitutionals.

It’s the painful growth of the GOP from Old Guard to what the GOP should be. The Old Guard GOPer’s are just Democrats pulled inside out and they offer nothing that will help America. Their mission is simply to retain power and the trappings of their offices. The other guys, the Ted Cruz Conservatives, on the other hand, are offering us back our role in government, and along with it our dignity and honor, both of which have been stripped by Barry and his Republican allies.

Mitch McConnell is saying to our faces what he thinks we need to hear, but behind closed doors, he is selling us out working WITH a would-be king to disassemble America. He is…Mitch The Bitch.