Military hate-mongers

All over America, folks are asking why progressive politicians are treating anyone even remotely connected with the military in such a callous, cruel and cowardly manner?

The left has always seen the military as a threat on multiple levels. The military represents America, which by itself is seen as evil by progressive liberals. The military spends money that the left considers to be better spent on programs meant to hobble as many citizens as possible, creating dependance on the progressive establishment, much as a drug dealer sells as much heroin as possible to guarantee return sales.

Barry, along with his rank and file puppets on both sides of the political spectrum simply hate the military to their very core. They hate veterans, they hate military families and they hate any who support the military. The proof is everywhere to see.

Just in the past few days, military families of the bravest of the brave have been denied the ability to join the their loved ones in order to see them home. If there was ever a measure of progressive cruelty and stone-cold hatred for the military and America, this act was it. Barry gives away hundreds of millions of dollars to his friends at Solyndra, but can’t (or won’t) see to it that dollars are available to unite the families of those killed serving America.

Equipment being denied…brand new cargo aircraft being flown from the assembly line directly to storage…not even trying to save Americans in Benghazi (no, we won’t forget that Barry)…and on and on. This administration has proven over and over that the words they speak very rarely match the actions they take. When we see Barry the Orator speaking to our troops, be assured he means none of what he says. He knows all the right words, but his actions give him away.

Barry has replaced most of the top ranked real soldiers at the Pentagon with his political puppets and they will see to it that the programs that support the military, military families and veterans are completely disassembled.

Remember, the hate for the military starts at the top.