Let’s talk “Law of the Land”

So Barry has become very fond of tossing around the phrase “law of the land” in regard to Obamacare. Apparently, it is his opinion that once one of his laws becomes official, it can be labeled as “the law of the land” and is therefore somehow sacred and irreversible.

But, hold on there Babalooey (1970’s cartoon reference)! If memory serves the conservative collective, there was this little “law of the land” called Prohibition that gave the U.S. enough heartburn that it was reversed and sent to law hell. So, why then, would Obamacare not suffer the same fate in the future? To most, the answer is…it will. The real questions are, how much pain will America have to endure? How many American children will have to die before their time? How much money will be hidden by the friends of Obama before Obamacare dies the ugly death it so richly deserves.

But wait! There is another side to this that shines the light of truth on the hypocrisy of the progressive left. If, as Barry says, laws that are “laws of the land” are sacred and irreversible, why are progressives trying to reverse Florida’s “stand your ground law” and North Carolina’s “voter id” law? Weren’t those laws put in place with the legal consent of the people just as Barry is fond of saying his law was? Doesn’t that make the Florida and North Carolina laws, the “law of the land” and therefore sacred?

It does. QED.