High time for high crimes

It’s time to impeach Barry. In most cases, this is where his defenders would jump in and say something like…”tell me exactly what high crime he committed…”. Well, for the sake of simplicity and keeping this post short, I’ll use one example. When the Affordable Care Act was passed by congress and signed by Barry, it did become the law of the land…no argument.

However, when Barry decreed unilaterally, without the consent of Congress, that the Employer Mandate was to be postponed a year, he committed a high crime by stepping outside his constitutional boundary and thereby abusing his power as president. That, folks, is one high crime taken from a long list that any first year law person could assemble.

On that above basis alone, the House Judiciary Committee should send articles of impeachment to the full house. Barry has abused his position multiple times. He has threatened, coerced and it could be shown, bribed. He has intentionally caused pain to the American people where none existed previously, and when taken in total, Barry is ripe for impeachment.

Barry’s imeachment should be very public. In fact, it should be one of two or three central issues in the 2014 mid-term elections. It would be interesting to see which progressive politicians would stand with a president in the middle of impeachment proceedings.

Just for the record, this post should not be construed to be anti-left at all. If the object of this post were a conservative, the words and principle would be the same. Only the name would change.