Bring the pain!

Note to politicians. If you believe that closing a few national parks or memorials is going to bring Americans to their knees, you are very sadly mistaken indeed! You go right ahead and close whatever you want to close. You make life as hard for America as you can. Give it you best shot and then do it again and again…

America was forged by pain, you dummies! America has been through much, much worse and has always come out the fire better than it was. America has known for decades that Rosa Parks will never sit at the back of the bus again. We know that she should never have been there in the first place, but we’ll see to it that she can sit wherever she wants.

America knows that human beings were forced, under the most horrible conditions, to leave their homeland and become little more than property. We’ve known that was wrong for generations now and we’ll never go back. You can stop throwing all of that in our faces now, as most of America rejects your attempt at forcing guilt where none exists any longer. We’re done with that.

Closing a national park? Are you f’ing joking? We’re Americans. We’ve faced a revolution, a civil war, two world wars, civil unrest and worse. Do you really think that we can be scared into falling to our collective knees by a self-adoring empty suit closing a damn park??

The battleground is changing in large part because we have children in Washington DC who think they can get their way by throwing a temper tantrum. Well, America handles a tantrum by putting the children in time out, and that’s exactly what will happen in 2014. A nation now sees how Barry and his allies will crap on America whenever they get the chance.

We say now...BRING THE PAIN! We will take the very worst the progressive left has to offer!